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Our Story

mMannie Pace always loved working outside. There was seldom a summer day in Fort Worth, Texas in the late 70’s and early 80’s that Mannie and his brother weren’t found mowing lawns in their Wedgwood neighborhood.

While he loved working outdoors, Mannie chose what he thought to be a more conventional course of study as he entered college in the Fall of 1981. He thought he wanted to be an engineer.

In the fall of 1982 on the campus of Texas Tech University, where he would eventually graduate, Mannie encountered what would prove to be a life changing “wind-of-change”. He dropped a semester long computer science project while crossing the campus and the Lubbock winds scattered the project in a hundred different directions, along with any desire he had to be an engineer.

Some soul searching and four years later, Mannie graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in horticulture doing something he loved to do!

Mannie worked in and through the garden center industry over the next 14 years, ending up in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he would meet the love of his life in 2003 and his favorite garden partner forever more….Shara! Shara is an accomplished attorney who also had a circuitous path to Minnesota including the loss of her father in an unfortunate accident.

The pair started their less-than-linear-life together in July of 2004. Their daughter was born in 2007 which proved to be another wind-of-change for the couple prompting the questions of what they actually wanted for their daughter and how would she know (not know of) her family. Mannie and Shara began a discussion and daily prayer that would last another 5 years! During that time, they talked about the possibility of opening a garden center.

In 2013-2014 came the hardest, coldest, and most unpleasant winter Minnesota had seen in the last 100 years. During that winter there was the discussion about where their daughter should attend and graduate school as she would be starting first grade in the fall. The decision was made that the three of them needed to move back to Texas to raise their daughter near her family and attend Texas schools. They took a big step of faith, moving to Parker County, Texas without employment waiting for them.

God led the way and provided for them in abundance. He settled them in an amazing community, placed wonderful people in their lives, and gave them the desires of their heart which included the perfect place to open a nursery and garden center.

The name “Mingos” was of course picked by their daughter who was insistent “the nursery is Mingos!” Never argue with a six year old.

Mingos Nursery & Garden Center

9744 E. Bankhead Hwy.
Aledo, TX 76008
817-441-MINGOS (817-441-6464)