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Drought Tolerant Plants

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drought, sun and heat tolerant. Hot weather plants

Are you looking for some ideas on what to plant that will withstand our crazy July heat here in North Texas? Have a full sun spot in need of a hanging basket or window box planter? Mingos Nursery & Garden Center has hot weather plants to meet your needs.

Pictured is an iron window box planter fitted with a coir (coconut husk fiber) liner and zipped tied to a fence.  The planter was filled about three quarters of the way with a quality potting mix.

A short note about potting mixes.  If you have old, used potting mix, the nutritional content of the mix has likely been depleted.  The old, used potting mix may also hold pests and disease depending upon what was previously planted in that mix and how it fared.  If what was previously planted in that mix died unexpectedly or was struggling with bugs, mildew, mold, or other uncertain problems, toss that old mix out.  Let me restate that, throw questionable old, used potting mix away.  Do not risk your plant dollars by getting “frugal” with the potting mix.  Only reuse old potting mix if you are sure it is pest and disease free.  And even then it is best to mix the old mix 50/50 with new clean potting mix.

The pictured window box planter was planted with portulaca (moss rose) and dipladenia (sundevilla/mandevilla).  Both of these plants are drought and heat friendly.  They also have bright colorful flowers.  The dipladenia is a vine which will start growing on the fence as it gets bigger.  There are actually four iron window box planters along that section of fence.  By the end of summer the fence should be covered in vines and beautiful flowers.  Our hummingbirds are loving this.

Mingos Nursery & Garden Center has everything you need for this project. Come in and see us today!

Is it safe to buy isotretinoin from canada, Isotretinoin buy online

9744 E. Bankhead Hwy.
Aledo, TX 76008
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