Onions Bunch

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Only $2.49 for a bunch of 50!  We have several varieties:onion-slips

  • Texas Legend
  • 1015Y Texas SuperSweet
  • Texas Early White
  • Southern Bell Red
  • Yellow Granex
  • White Bermuda Crystal Wax
  • Red Creole

Whether you are an old pro at growing your own food or you made a New Year’s resolution to start a garden but are not sure where to start, ONIONS should be a key part of your vegetable garden.

Onions are simple to grow.

Homegrown onions taste so much better than store bought. And when you grow your own onions youonions-drying know:

  • What onion variety you are getting
  • How old the onions are
  • Who has touched the onions
  • Where each onion has been
  • What chemicals have been applied to the onions

Actually, this list is true for all homegrown produce.

Onions need full sun, well-drained soil, and regular watering. If your soil is heavy clay (ours would make good bricks) your onions will do best started in a raised garden bed or even in a large pot.

The key to success with any garden is to make sure you start with good soil. Ideally your garden beds would have a six inch layer of compost and garden soil on top of or mixed in with your native soil. However, most of us do not live in an ideal world. A two inch layer of compost turned into your native soil should be sufficient to support your onions this year.

onion-seed-packYou can start onions from seed or small onion plants called slips. Mingos Nursery & Garden Center has both.

Here in North Texas, onion seeds can be started right now to be ready early summer. Plant a short row of seeds each week or two for onions throughout the summer and into fall. Or you can plant all your seeds at one time then store them for use later. Some varieties of onions store well for months.

Onion seed should be planted about an inch deep. If you plan to harvest some of the onions early for their green tops, then you can plant the seeds about two inches apart. As you harvest the early onions, try to harvest so that onions you intend to grow to full size end up six inches apart in rows twelve inches apart.

A faster and easier way to grow onions that starting from seed is to grow onion slips. Slips are small onion plants that a grower has already started for you. You buy onion slips in a bundle.

Onion slips should be planted an inch deep six inches apart in rows twelve inches apart. You want all the roots covered with part, but not all, of the white neck also covered in soil. Water the slips well to settle the soil around the roots. For the first couple of weeks, keep the soil moist but not wet as the onion slips get established. Once they show signs of growth, you can cut back on the watering. But make sure they do not get too dry.

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