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Herb garden
Woolly thyme, Carl Forester grass, petunias, and potted peppers make a beautiful vignette

Woolly thyme, Carl Forester grass, petunias, and potted peppers make a beautiful vignette.

Have you ever wanted to step outside of your traditional landscape and try a little garden of your own but didn’t know where to start? Or worse, were afraid of failure? If this is you, a great first garden is an Herb Garden. Herb gardens are easy; and by easy I mean low maintenance and hard to kill.


Onion Flower

Onion Flower

Most herbs are heat and drought tolerant with few pest issues.  Just pick a sunny spot with good drainage.


Unlike for most gardens, herbs don’t really need a well prepared bed or super nutritious soil (remember, some people grow dandelions as herbs and dandelions can grow anywhere).  In fact, herb plants that are fertilized regularly look lush and beautiful but tend to be lacking in flavor and fragrance.




Many herbs can grow where other plants just cannot.  In the opening photo woolly thyme is growing between the stone steps softening the look of the front walk.  Herbs can be grown in their own dedicated herb bed, grouped together in pots, or tucked into your landscaping. I love to add herbs to my more traditional landscape, especially that one corner where the sprinkler just doesn’t quite reach.


They also make a great addition to a vegetable garden adding both interest, variety, and sometimes pest control.  And did I mention, herbs are beautiful? Herbs are beautiful!  My herb garden is also full of honey bees.

Chives are beautiful, hard to kill, and super yummy!

Chives are beautiful, hard to kill, and super yummy!



And as a bonus, most herbs are culinary, meaning you can eat them! Try adding some fresh chives to your baked potato, rosemary to your dinner rolls, or sage to your chicken.




Come see us at Mingos Nursey & Garden Center! We have everything you need, including the know-how, to start your own herb garden.


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